The Anam Yoga Centre is located at Otres Village, 15 minutes drive from Sianoukville, Cambodia.


The Anam Yoga Centre offers T.T.C. , daily yoga classes, Ayurvedic Massage and courses, plus weekly yoga retreats.


It is a space surrounded by nature, alongside a river where you can deepen your practice and personal awareness.


The Word Yoga means "Union with the Universe" we are a Microcosm in a Macrocosm in which each element is an integral part of every human being.


Life is the most important gift a human being can receive, and to learn “the Art of Living” is the most precious gift the human beings can give to themselves.


The total of all our previous experiences is not to be judged as right or wrong, but to be taken as lessons, as life is dynamic, forever changing, helping us to grow.